5th Grade Visits Construction Site:

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Narrated by P. McMullen

Green Tigers Lemonade Stand

FWE's Girls on the Run:





Principal: Ellen Green

12214 Memorial Dr.

Houston, Texas 77024

713-251-5700 - Fax 713-251-5715

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Animoto for Rebuild:  Rebuild Video

Milestone Schedule for Rebuild (open attachment)


The flag flies proudly over our new Frostwood campus!

 Construction pictures October 2013





Upcoming Events:

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Maureen Sherry, Author of Walls Within Walls visits Frostwood March 24 (see Library page)

Bluebonnet Parties- January 31st-5th Grade & Meadows, White, Rabel

                             -February 7th-3rd Grade & Davis, Root, Janacek

100th Day- February 4th

Student Holiday-February 17th

PTA Auction-February 22nd

Western Day-February 28th







Construction Update Photos July 2013

Construction Timeline:

Construction on our new school building began in August, 2012.  The building is scheduled to be completed and re-opened by or before January, 2014.

Video of January, 2013 Progress

Video of November, 2012 Progress