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Welcome to the Frostwood Attendance and Registration page! Here you will find the latest information on attendance policy, absence submission, and registration information.

Student absence reports are to be emailed daily to the Attendance Office at using the recommended format as follows: Student’s name, date of absence, reason, grade and homeroom teacher.

Frostwood is a public school, so we adhere to the state’s law that governs attendance.
• We have an official attendance time of 9:00 AM while tardies are issued between 7:55 AM-8:59 AM.
• If a student arrives after 9:00 AM without a doctor’s note or office visit note he/she will considered absent for the day.
•Parents/Guardians are responsible for reporting absences to the Attendance Office daily and/or within 2 school days if the absence is to be excused accordingly. 
•For Spring Branch ISD Attendance Policy, please read the Student/Parent Handbook at 

State law, as well as SBISD policy, has two absence categories: Excused or Unexcused.
Excused absences:
All excused absences must be confirmed by a parent with either a written note, email or a telephone call to the campus ADA’s office. Notes must be given to the office within 2 school days for the absence to be excused. Not all absences will be excused, all notes or phone calls may be subject to verification by the campus administration. The following reasons are considered unavoidable and shall be classified as excused:
1. Illness
• 5 consecutive days or longer requires a doctor’s note to be excused.
2. Serious illness of a family member
3. Death/funeral of a family member
4. Weather
• Announced bad weather closings
5. Quarantine
6. Religious Holidays
• Any child of an established religious faith will be excused if his/her absence is for the purpose of observing a religious holy day, consistent with his/her creed or belief. The parent/guardian must submit, to the office, a written request for excused absence.
7. Authorized school-sponsored activities
• Not exceeding 10 school days
8. Parent/Stepparent on Active Duty
9. Required court appearance
10. Naturalization/US Citizenship

Any other absence not meeting the requirements for an excused absence will be considered unexcused. Excused absences may become unexcused if the parent fails to submit proper written notification within 2 days of original absence.

• A student who accumulates 3 or more unexcused absences within a four-week period will be required to complete an Attendance Intervention Plan with attendance office on campus. The district shall initiate truancy prevention measures on the student. (Education Code 25.0915(a-4)
• A student who accumulates 10 or more unexcused absences within a six-month period in the same school year, a district shall within ten school days of the student’s tenth absence refer the student to a truancy court for truant conduct under Family Code 65.003(a). [See FED] Education Code 25.0951

• Enrollment for the new school year begins in accordance with the district’s set calendar.
• We do not enroll during the month of June.
• To qualify for enrollment, you must first establish residency in the Frostwood attendance zone.
• Enrollment forms will be made available through the district’s site online. However, parents will need to schedule an appointment with ADA to complete registration on site.
• Appointments for the new school year will not be scheduled until mid-July. Information will posted on school site, ADA site, digital marquee and Frostwood PTA site.

Support Documents needed to complete enrollment:

  1. Birth Certificate
  2. Social Security Card (optional)
  3. Immunization Record
  4. Academic Transcript or Last Report Card
  5. Parent's State ID or Driver's License
  6. Proof of Residency and a current Utility Bill (must match parent's id or driver's license)
  • Leasing Property: A completed, signed lease agreement and a current Utility Bill (must match parent's id or driver's license)
  • Own Property: Closing Document, Mortgage Statement, Tax Receipt or Statement, and a current Utility Bill (must match parent's id or driver's license)

All registration inquiries can be emailed to