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Share your opinions and help us evaluate the effectiveness of SBISD communications.







Congratulations to 5th grader Avery Nix, Character Without Question recipient from Frostwood!

Every year, SBISD honors students district-wide who reflect a depth of character and a caring for human beings. Students are selected for demonstrating an enduring commitment to any or all of the following character traits: honesty/integrity, responsibility/dependability, respect, perseverance/effort, courage, caring/kindness, and citizenship/civic virtue.

Avery’s counselor, Dorothy Thompson, wrote, “Avery is the definition of Character Without Question. She models the motto ‘Frostwood Tigers do the right thing because it is the right thing to do’. She constantly strives to do her best in everything she does.” Avery was selected for her commitment to being caring, responsible and having integrity. 

For more information on the Character Without Question program, please contact

Watch our most recent Parent U for K-2nd grade families to learn from Joyce Evans, SBISD Director of Humanities K-12, and Lisa Stultz, SBISD Director of Library Services, what is happening in your child’s SBISD classroom and how you can be a part of their learning process. Find out how to access books for your young learners and follow along as we unpack the ReadSBISD Parent Guide – what it is, how to use it and how it can help you support your child’s literacy development! 


Vea nuestro más reciente Parent U en español para las familias de K-2˚ grado para conocer lo que sucede en el salón de clases de su hijo y aprender estrategias para apoyar el aprendizaje en casa. Descubra cómo acceder a una variedad de libros para sus estudiantes más pequeños  y navegue con nosotros la Guía de Lectoescritura para padres de ReadSBISD: qué es y cómo usarla para fortalecer el desarrollo de la lectura y escritura. Presentado por María González, Especialista de lectoescritura de SBISD, y Lorenza Garay, Bibliotecaria de SBISD.

En Español

We are excited to announce new SBISD grade level guides (PK-12) that have been developed by our Academics team to provide an overview of what your child will learn in school every nine weeks and resources to support their learning at home.

You will find strategies based on the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) and SBISD priority standards to help you help your child meet his or her learning goals. Teams of SBISD teachers studied the TEKS and further identified the essential, or priority, standards necessary to master at each grade level.
These guides provide clear, consistent expectations for what SBISD students should be learning as we strive to prepare Every Child for his/her T-2-4 goals.

Access the grade level guides here.


The 2020-21 school year will present new challenges and new opportunities for Spring Branch ISD and our community. No matter what challenges we face, our responsibility is to ensure students in SBISD continue learning safely and effectively. Our commitment to inspire minds and shape lives while maintain-ing student learning and academic performance is non-negotiable.
The District is equally resolved in its commitment to go beyond to  prioritize health and safety for students, employees and the entire SBISD Family.  These two overriding priorities have informed and shaped  
our 2020-21 back-to-school plan, LearnSBISD.
LearnSBISD affirms how - together - we’ll support these priorities, and your role as our vital partners. LearnSBISD provides information families need to make the best decisions for their child’s education. 
The plan was informed by countless hours of research and planning by district and campus leaders, employee and family surveys, medical professionals, lessons learned from Spring 2020, summer pilot programs, and local, state and national health and government agency guidance. LearnSBISD addresses four critical areas of focus.
Health and Safety 
Teaching and Learning 
Family Supports
Staying Connected 
Click the link provided below to learn more about LearnSBISD.



Mariachi musicians. Russian, Persian and Bollywood folk dancers. African dancing and drumming. 

Had you visited Frostwood Elementary last weekend, such world music and dance showcases might have entertained and educated you.

Foods sizzled from China to Turkey – and more than a dozen national and ethnic stops in between. 

Hundreds of families gathered on April 6 for the school’s 19th annual International Festival, showcasing food, crafts, and arts and games from around the world. This springtime gathering follows the school’s fall-time Parade of Nations, where many students dress up in traditional outfits reflecting the country of their choice.

The two international programs are designed to celebrate diversity at Frostwood and in the greater Memorial community, and to encourage students to be aware of the greater world around them by sampling a variety of world foods, crafts and activities, while experiencing an incredible range of entertainment.

The International Festival, held on the campus grounds, drew up to 1,000 people. Also known as IFest, the event takes months of campus and local PTA planning.

“Frostwood’s I-Fest touches people of all cultures and ages. It’s truly an event for everyone,” said festival chair Pina Patel. 

Some comments gathered by Patel and other PTA event chairs include these:

  • “I-Fest will always be one of my very favorite Frostwood events!” – School staff member
  • “I can’t wait to try all the amazing food from around the world.” – Parent
  • “My kids love the little passports and playing games from different countries.” – Parent
  • “My daughter looks forward to the Henna artist every year!” – Parent

This year, 50 or more festival participants were featured. Key event volunteers include Memorial Middle National Junior Honor Society students and Memorial High’s student volunteer corps known as MMOB (Memorial Mustang Outreach Bunch).

“I had heard about our International Parade and Festival way before I arrived at Frostwood, but once I got to actually experience these, I was truly humbled and honored to be a part of this special place,” Principal Pamela Pennington said.

“We are an amazing community where our diversity, cultures, and languages are not simply accepted, but embraced and celebrated. Our families not only support our school, they support one another in and outside the classroom,” the principal also said. 

Although it features food, dance, music and fun on one Saturday, the festival is a much deeper and wider campus experience, organizers said.

Hyekjung Chung, festival education chair, notes that the run up to the festival is a full month of educational enrichment inside the elementary school, ranging from cultural and geographic information and decorations to on-display artifacts. Glass school case displays inside show diverse cultures. Educational tents are set up with national themes outdoors on the festival weekend.

A festival favorite among all parents and students are delicious foods and dishes. This year, offerings hailed from China, India, Japan, Korea, Pakistan, Vietnam, Costa Rica, Honduras, France, Iran, Italy, Sweden, Hungary, Turkey, Mexico and – last but not least – the United States. 

Entertainment chair Liz Kabir noted that the music and dance showcase was non-stop. In addition to the Chinese Lion Dance, a Mariachi band, Russian folk dances and Persian dancers, visitors heard Indian drumming and even a Bollywood song and dance number.
Frostwood students played Chinese instruments, and other youth and religious groups represented Japan, Korea, Brazil and Greece.

Youth were given passport-style cards and encouraged to obtain stamps through a scavenger-hunt style tour of the festival grounds. Special national games were offered and, among girls, the Henna booth was a favorite station.

PTA event chairs included Pina Patel, event chair; Kavitha Tamerisa, parade chair; Hyekjung Chung, education chair; Bonnie Elhusseini, food chair; Liz Kabir, entertainment chair; Rebecca Otieno, games and craft chair; and Stacey Cho, decoration chair.

Exploring Ireland – Ella and Sophie, 4th grade

Have you ever been to the Emerald Isle?  Well, there is much more there than just leprechauns!  We traveled Ireland from top to bottom in summer of 2018 and learned many new things.  Ireland is named the Emerald Isle because it is so green and lush.  Can you believe it rains more than half of the days every year?

Ireland is a European country located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.  The capital of Ireland is Dublin and about six million people live in the entire country; that is about the same population of the Houston area!  Instead of dollars, Ireland uses Euros.  In Ireland, most people speak English and Irish.  Ireland is more than 12,000 years old, so a lot has happened there.  In the 1800’s, potatoes were the main course of the Irish diet.  But, then the Great Famine killed most of the potato crops, causing about one million people to emigrate and one million people to die.  Another interesting fact is there are about 30,000 castles in Ireland.  A long time ago, the castles were used for protecting families from invaders. 

There are so many magnificent places to visit in Ireland!  Some of our favorites are the Kilmainham Gaol prison in Dublin, the Blarney Castle and kissing the Blarney Stone for the gift of gab and seeing the Cliffs of Moher that are about 700 feet in the air!  We also loved surfing at Inch Beach, seeing a real sheep farm, and climbing up tons of castles.  Go visit the Emerald Isle soon!



Athens, Santorini, Patras.

     What do they all have in common? They're ALL in Greece. Greece also has a different name; Greece's official name is the Hellenic Republic. Greece is wonderful place to visit, with so many interesting facts to follow!

     Here are some reasons why Greece is very unique: first, although Greece is a relatively small country, Greek is spoken by around 12 million people from all over the world! Greece is part of Europe and the Greek, the language, sprouted out throughout Europe and traveled across the world with Greek people. Second, the Olympic games originated in Ancient Greece! The Olympics are one of the most important world wide event and the first modern Olympic game was hosted by Greece. Third, Greece consists of more than 2,000 islands. Greece is known as the most mountainous country in Europe.  Also it is a home to many volcanoes, which results in having many many islands.

     I hope you learned some facts on Greece and will visit the country soon!


Santorini, a beautiful Greek island


 A typical Greek church


Maureen and mommy in Santorini island, Nov 2013

Did you all know that MUSIC in itself is the UNIVERSAL language? People who know how to read music are able to communicate with others from all around the world no matter what language they speak! That’s why we music teachers work hard to teach music literacy to all of our students.

All Students in preparation for our ifest parade are learning to sing: Hello from all the Children of the World.

What else has been happening?

 Students in 5th grade are learning a medley of African folk songs for their upcoming winter concert: An African Celebration combines Siyahamba- from South Africa, Sing Noel- from Liberia, and Betelmehu- a carol from Nigeria.

Other songs they will perform which celebrate our diversity and multicultural heritage of our school are: The Peace Round.- which includes our singing peace in  13  languages. Nes Gadol Haya Sham is another song we are learning for our concert.  The widely known carol, Stille Nacht will be presented in German, English and Spanish.

In preparing for the annual Houston Symphony field trip at Jones Hall, these students are learning about composers from around the world: Russian composers, Shostakovich and Tchaikovsky, German composers, Beethoven and Brahms, and even an American current composer, Jennifer Higdon are some whose music we will hear on October 3rd.

All students in 2nd- 5th are learning and performing World Music Drumming Techniques in the Music Classroom.

Third Graders have learned to sing Frere Jacques in French and English.

The 4th graders have learned Funga Alafia- a West African Welcome song.

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